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PHP Programming

By James N Hitz

Lesson 1 - Escaping the PHP

Under "normal" circumstances, you'll mix PHP and HTML within a document. The PHP has to be separated from the HTML. Computer nerds like calling this "escaping". Escaping is done in any one of 4 ways:

a) The shortest method of escaping

<? "Put your php code here"; ?>

b) The standard method of escaping (also the default):

<?php "put your PHP code here"; ?>

c) Escaping like in JavaScript:

<script language = "php">
     "in this case the script code comes here like in javascript";

d) Escaping like in ASP:

<% "code comes here like in ASP"; %>

a) and d) above have to be especially configured in order for them to be acceptable by your PHP pre-processor. In this tutorials we will make use of a) and b) - especially b).

Ok. Hello World...

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