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Mission Statement
Hello! Welcome to the PHP Website by JamHitz. The sole purpose of this web site is to disseminate PHP information and tutorials. With time, this site will grow to include PHP resources from elsewhere on the net.

If you have any questions, criticism, recommendations or if you would like to contact the author, please email him at (M). Keep checking this site out for there will always be additions at an average rate of one per fortnight. Thanks.

Available Tutorials so far

Lesson 1: introduces the PHP basics outlining PHP strengths, weaknesses and also where to get PHP.

Lesson 2: takes you into the realm of PHP variables, how they are defined, concatenation and PHP operators.

Lesson 3: is the arrays lesson that introduces PHP list arrays, associative arrays and array operators.

Lesson 4: introduces Control Structures. These are routines that allow us to pack 'wisdom', decision-making and 'looping' into our PHP scripts.

Lesson 5: deals with PHP dates and time, and also introduces code re-use. In this lesson we learn how to create a single script and use it many times.

Lesson 6: marries PHP and HTML forms allowing you to CGI using PHP.

Lesson 7: deals with Regular Expressions - mechanisms used to validate data input to ensure that it conforms to a desired standard. Regular expressions are powerful and easy to master - giving you raw power at your finger-tips.

Lesson 8: - the long awaited lesson, is finally here. It introduces PHP File Management and there is a REAL working example of a PHP Mailing List. It's harvest time... again.

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