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PHP Programming

By James N Hitz


I thought many people knew what BODMAS and BEDMAS are. I was mistaken. I thought it prudent to include a short note on that because the emails I have had to write to explain that are... many! - and as it is, I am a busy dude. Ok. Here we go!

This means Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition and Subtraction. It is an analogy taught to beginner mathematic students to help them remember the arithmetical order of precedence.

is just like BODMAS but is taught to more advanced mathematics students and means Brackets Exponents Division Multiplication Addition and Subtraction.

Please note that the Order of Precedence in PHP is a little different. PHP makes use of BOMDAS and BEMDAS. Multiplication comes before Division. Don't forget BOMDAS coz it's a BOMb!