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PHP Programming

By James N Hitz

Welcome Back

So you're ready for Lesson 2?! I mean that was a cool decision. N'ways, Welcome back buddy! It would reaaally make me nuts if no one read this stuff. So I guess a "Thank you" is in order for opting to stay along for lesson 2. Hey! don't be mistaken I am not the sentimental type it's just... (any one got a handerchief?).

In this sentimental lesson we'll learn several things:

  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Operators
  • The order of Precedence
  • Variable Type Juggling

We kick off with variables hoping that you had a look at lesson 1 and that you enjoyed yourself. Please let me know if my... uncalled-for sense of humour is getting in the way (and I thought I was funny!)

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