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PHP Programming

By James N Hitz

And Finally...

We finally come to the end of our longest lesson so far. In decision making we have tackled if, if... else, if... elsif... and switch() and in looping we have handled while, do... while, for() and foreach().


You will have to note that PHP version 3 does not support the foreach control structure. PHP3 users will have to make do with er... the others or better still download a new copy of PHP at

The four lessons we have covered so far are VERY important. Read them over and over until the concepts have sunk in your head. These are the fundamentals of PHP and can also be applied when learning another programming language.

But Yes... They are "fundamentals". Meaning? There is a whole lot more to be read, studied and absorbed. Patience and practice will sure enough get us there. I will incorporate alot of practice lessons in future so keep watching.

Next week I will be adding Lesson 5. This will deal with PHP Date and Time manipulation. Till then, it's 'adios amigo!'

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