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PHP Programming

By James N Hitz


Hi! I got a message from a David Neelands telling me that I was doing a great work with PHP Unearthed but that I needed to lift up my socks as regards my table of contents. Thank you David. I am looking into it. All you other folks keep the comments, suggestions and criticism coming. I need it.

Well. Feels good to know there is someone watching. Now, back to today.

In this lesson, we'll handle CGI - the Common Gateway Interface. Contrary to what most beginners may think, CGI is not a Programming Language. Neither is it in itself a tangible subject. Nope!

I know what you are saying... "if CGI is not Programming, what is it?"

Before I get into telling you what CGI is, let me remind you (un-necessarily so) that you need to have seriously read the preceeding lessons if you haven't.

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