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  • PHP: Manual  - This explains and documents everything about PHP. Pay special attention to the user comments, many useful examples and tips exist within them. Also, if you're a beginner do not fret over the large manual - you will not understand it all, take your time and read it often.
  •   - Many intermediate to advanced PHP tutorials reside at phpbuilder with new articles displayed about every week.

  • Coding Style - Learn the fundamentals of good PHP coding style and convention. Understand coding standards and write maintable and readable code. Deals with intenting, control structures, functions, commenting, and much more.
  • Database Abstraction with PEAR DB - Learn database abstraction though the use of PEAR DB classes. Use an API to connect to various databases without having to re-learn different methods and syntax, learn just one.
  • Database Enabled Websites - A tutorial on using PHP3 and MySQL to develop database enabled applications for websites. By Anthony Awtrey Consulting.
  • - A wide range of tutorials and articles with a growing PHP section.
  • Installation : Devshed - Included are instructions for compiling Apache, Mod_SSL, PHP, and MySQL together on one box.
  • Installation : E-gineer - Tutorials on installing and compiling PHP on various platforms with various related technologies such as Apache, Mysql, GD and IMAP.
  • Installation : Hotscripts - Listed are scripts, packages and binaries that help streamline the installation process. If you're looking for a quick and easy installation, consider one of these packages.
  • Installation : Manual - Here the manual explains how to install and compile PHP with many platforms and web servers.
  • Intro : Devshed - First of a five part series on the very basics of PHP.
  • Intro : Gimpster - Introductory PHP tutorial geared towards those with little to no PHP experience.
  • Intro : MySQL and PHP - Webmonkey is a great resources for web engineers such as yourself, this tutorial discusses the basics of PHP and MySQL use.
  • Intro : - An introduction to PHP straight out of the manual.
  • Intro : Using Strings - Knowing how to properly use strings is extremely important, as is this tutorial. From concatenating strings to magic quotes, this tutorial covers the basics of string use.
  • Intro : Vamsi - Learn the basics of PHP / Database interaction (with MySQL) through the creation of a mini-addressbook. Edit, delete, add and modify your data.
  • MiniSQL and PHP - These pages are intended for the beginning to intermediate PHP and miniSQL user.
  • PEAR : PHP Extension and Add-on Repository - PEAR is a code repository for PHP extensions and PHP library code inspired by TeX's CTAN and Perl's CPAN. PEAR contains code for common tasks such as database abstraction and error control.
  • PHP Conference Material Site - Some PHP conference slide shows, presented at various meetings by PHP professionals.
  • PHP Knowledge Base : Faqts - A repository of PHP related frequently asked questions. People submit questions and others answer, all duties are very open and public to all. In short, this is an open PHP Knowledge Base.
  • PHP Pocket Reference - The PHP Pocket Reference is a handy quick reference for PHP. This small book acts both as a perfect tutorial for learning the basics of PHP syntax and as a reference to PHP. Both online and hard-copy versions are available.
  • PHP Tips - This page contains a collection of "neat" tips and tricks related to PHP. They aren't necessarily related to the coding of PHP but nevertheless, they're pretty useful.
  • - With PHP updated almost hourly and a growing tutorial section, phpdeveloper is an up-and-coming PHP resource site.
  • PHP-General Mailing list archive - Hidden within this archive are answers to just about every PHP question that comes up. About 150,000 php-general posts live here and it's growing by about 5000 per month. MARC archives many related lists too.
  • - Best known for the very popular phpMyAdmin, phpwizard contains information about PHP.
  • Postresql and PHP - Build a contact database as you learn the basics of Postresql and PHP.
  • Smart Architectures in PHP - Here begins a discussion on building scalable web applications with PHP. Discussed are fundamentals of smart architecture such as : database independence, libraries, portability, object-oriented and function calls. Be sure to read the user comments.
  • - Many tutorials and examples reside on
  • Articles - The focus of these articles is to explain how PHP works for technical users. Article subjects range from PHP internals to features and techniques for the PHP developer.
  • Tutorials : - Many high quality tutorials reside here which range from beginner to advanced.
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