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How you can help

Even you can share in our noble goal by helping us reach out to the ever-growing number of poor, sick people who are disadvantaged and rendered helpless by the chains of poverty, disability and homelessness.

Our most immediate needs include:

Partners who can come and work with us. A partner is any professional (doctors, nurses, health-aid workers, counsellors, teachers etc) who can spare their time and effort to help others for free.

A partner may also be a person who may not be a professional but is willing to contribute funds or material (literature, equipment, medicine, clothing etc) towards the project.

Funds are ever needed to continue expanding the project and for the acquisition of medicine, medical equipment, Christian literature, medical literature.

If you do not have material, time or money you can still help. We need constant prayers and intercession so as to overcome the many hurdles that befall our endeavours.

If you work in a similar orgasnisation, you can also help by sharing your experiences and difficulties to help us learn from them, and to also act as a support to our endeavors.

Do you think you can help? If Yes, click here to let us know about you.

Our Mission Statement is: to raise living standards of the poor and disadvantaged in Nakuru, Kenya and beyond by providing spiritual nourishment, general medical care, affordable housing, councelling, rehabilitation of street children and supporting self-help development programmes. We strive to enlighten the community by helping them realize God's love for them.