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Welcome to SOLMIS

Solmis is a Christian, non-governmental, non-profit-making organisation. At Solmis we aim to provide services to the needy communities within Nakuru town, Kenya. The aim of this project is to alleviate suffering of the didadvantaged people in society regardless of color, denomination or nationality.

We collaborate with government agencies, International aid organisations and other non-governmental organisations for the people of Kenya.

Our programmes include:

  1. Offering medical services to the needy
  2. Rehabilitation of street children
  3. Women and Youth Development Programmes
  4. Water and Sanitation projects
  5. Medical and Christian Counselling
  6. Family Health Management
  7. Christian Ministry

We are constantly looking for partners to help us. Even you can help! (Click here for details)

Our Mission Statement is: to raise living standards of the poor and disadvantaged in Nakuru, Kenya and beyond by providing spiritual nourishment, general medical care, affordable housing, councelling, rehabilitation of street children and supporting self-help development programmes. We strive to enlighten the community by helping them realize God's love for them.