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Our Programmes


We deal with maternal child health, skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, dental hygiene and general health care fir children and adults.


We fight preventable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS by providing counselling. In this way hundreds of people who come to us have changed their life-style and many now have stable family relationships.

Family Planning

We Cooperate with the gorvernment and other Internationally-sponsored schemes to promote family planning services.

Computer Training

With a vision of empowerment, we train the youth on how to use computers in particular and information technology in general. This is so that they can be prepared for current, global trends and maybe get better jobs.

Training Center

In collaboration with Barnabas Training Consortium (UK), we aim to develop a Home-Based Health-Care Workers (HBHCW) and counsellors. These are vital in areas where people have little access to hospital treatment. This helps reach out to them in their homes and potentially reduce the number of "hospital-bed" cases.

Four staff members have already completed training at Level I, with advanced levels already in progress.

Our Mission Statement is: to raise living standards of the poor and disadvantaged in Nakuru, Kenya and beyond by providing spiritual nourishment, general medical care, affordable housing, councelling, rehabilitation of street children and supporting self-help development programmes. We strive to enlighten the community by helping them realize God's love for them.