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PHP Programming

By James N Hitz

What else do I need?

Apart from PHP, you should also be conversant with HTML. Knowledge of computer programming is definately an added advantage. Do not fret if you are not a programmer though - I'll be gentle. But for HTML... Sorry guys you'll just have to know it. There are numerous web-sites teaching HTML on the Internet. If you are lost for words (hey don't look at me like that) try out any of the following:

Read HTML. Understand it and then come back. If you already are a HTML expert (or you can at least tell your HTML Ps from your Qs). Let's roll. This time for real.

Be sure that your server has been configured to process PHP scripts. If in doubt, ask your server administrator or ISP. If your administrator is reluctant to configure PHP on the server, and not even a few beers will make him change his mind, you can try getting a free web account that can support PHP. One that quickly comes to mind is I'm sure there are a few others. Ok. Let's roll... (This time I promise)

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