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PHP Programming

By James N Hitz

Table of Contents

So far there are only a few lessons. They will keep growing and hopefully some day there will be enough lessons to whet your "PHP-ing" appetite. But hey! Don't let me hold you back. There are other PHP Resources available elsewhere on the Internet.

Table of Contents
An Introduction to PHP
What is PHP?
Where do I get PHP?
Perl vs PHP

Lesson One - Entry Point
Escaping PHP from HTML
Escaping the "forbidden" Characters
The Here Document

Lesson Two - Variables
PHP variables
PHP operators
Type Juggling
Predefined Variables
String variables

Lesson Three - Arrays
PHP Arrays
Creating List Arrays
Associative Arrays
Traversing an Array
Array Functions

Lesson Four - Control Structures
PHP Statement Blocks
Decision-Making Control Structures
Repetition (Iteration) Statement Blocks
Alternative Syntax for Control Structures

Lesson Five - Harvest Time
PHP Date manipulation
More Date Manipulation
Code Re-Use in PHP
A Code Re-Use Tool

Lesson Six - PHP CGI
What is CGI
Setting up HTML forms for CGI
The Forms action property
Getting Form Data
Form Data validation

Lesson Seven - Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions Introduced
Creating Regular Expressions
Functions used with Regular Expressions
An Example

Lesson Eight - PHP File Management
PHP comments
File Management Functions
Opening and Closing Files
Reading from Files
Writing to Files
File Management Example - Mailing List
File Tests
Working with Directories (folders)