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The Team

Our medical team is made up of:

  1. 2 specialised doctors
  2. 1 pharmacist
  3. 3 nurses
  4. 1 clinical officer
  5. 2 attendants
  6. 1 accounts clerk

Most of them are volunteers who work free of charge. Others accept small allowances.

We appeal for medical volunteers and visiting medical teams who can help us in our constant charity fairs. This is how you can help. (click for details)

Other than the medical team the leadership is made up of Christians (not affiliated to any one church). These are:

  1. The SOLMIS directors
  2. Trustees from both Kenya and England
  3. Members of the medical board
  4. Pastor in charge of the patient welfare
  5. Intercessory team

Our Mission Statement is: to raise living standards of the poor and disadvantaged in Nakuru, Kenya and beyond by providing spiritual nourishment, general medical care, affordable housing, councelling, rehabilitation of street children and supporting self-help development programmes. We strive to enlighten the community by helping them realize God's love for them.